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  • Sep 28, 2020 · A518/A618/46RE/47RE Automatic Transmissions. governor pressure sensor and governor pressure solenoid & Output Speed Sensor. (1) Heavy Duty Governor Pressure Solenoid (Borg-Warner O.E # 4617210). (1) Governor Solenoid Housing Block Gasket (O.E # 4886333AA).
  • On the pressure sensor, there is an M clip holding it in, which you can see [after removal] just to the left of the old parts below. Use the needle nosed pliers to pry in on the exposed arms, which will allow you to slide the nozzle out.
  • The pressure sensor spec and its impact on accurate readings. There are many aspects of a pressure sensor that determine whether it is the right choice for a given application. Check out the further chapters of this guide below, or if you're pressed for time you can download it in a PDF format here.
  • The Dodge NV5600 transmission was introduced in 1998 and, until 2005, was used in 2500- and 3500-Series Dodge RAM pickups as well as 3/4-ton and 1-ton Dodge trucks with the 5. I've replaced the governor pressure switch and solenoid, out put speed sensor, transmission filter and I've adjusted the TV cable and none of these have made a difference.
  • If you look closely at the Governor Pressure Solenoid, you can see the black metal powder residue build up around the center of it. See where the fluid is just about to drip? Now look at the dark ring around the center, that piece is actually magnetized. Which I will show in my next post.
  • Fast shipping on this heavy duty A500 electronic service kit with an upgraded 3-4 accumulator spring and a new filter and upgraded Borg-Warner Governor Pressure Solenoid. Our A500 transmission repair kits are in stock and available for fast shipping to your truck or car.
  • Governor Pressure Sensor and Solenoid Replacement (How to). Dodge 48RE changing governor pressure solenoid... did it solve the problem? K&S Motorsports 5.333 views11 months ago. 3:49. ATS Diesel 47RE 48RE - GM Governor Pressure Solenoid Block Conversion Kit.

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42RE/44RE/46RE/47RE/48RE Transmissions Setting Circuit Codes. We have seen several instances of codes P0712, P0713, P0743, P0748, P0753, and a variety of governor sensor codes in any combination of these circuit codes.
Jun 19, 2018 · Speed sensor mounting point. This will either be your cable screwing into the transmission housing or an electronic sensor bolted to the housing. The radiator. If your car has a transmission cooler, it's possible that a leak will cause transmission fluid to leak into the radiator fluid. They don't mix well, so you'll see it floating around in ...

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This is extremely common in the 47RE and 46RE (44re and 42re could be as well).And it can be a number of things causing this as well! Gov solenoid, gov pressure transducer (sensor), PCM, wires from the PCM to the V/B(Valve Body), internal V/B and line pressure set too high.
pressure sensor. Model Number: A500 42RE 44RE. Car Make: Chrysler. A500 42RE 44RE Governor EPC Pressure Solenoid Sensor for Chrysler.

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What does the Fluid Pressure Sensor and Govenor actually do?...my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee has an issue with it staying in low gear...not upshifting. Смотрите далее. ATS Governor Pressure Solenoid Install: 96-07 Dodge Cummins 47RE / 48RE Automatic Transmissions.
A transmission that receives too much fluid pressure will have rough shifting, while not enough can cause clutch plates to overheat. An electrical malfunction will cause the solenoid to act erratically and when the check engine light comes on, a quick scan of the car’s computer should tell you what’s wrong.