• Export virtual interface drop and error counters as metrics. 3.0. DPDK Keep Alive Core Status is exposed When a DPDK primary process starts it configures the system, writing a configuration file.
  • 1) QoS support for DPDK vRouter: TF vRouter supports QoS marking and enforcement. The marking part is done leveraging Linux kernel support and enforcement in the physical interface is done using a utility called ‘qosmap’ which configures the NIC queues with the desired scheduling and priority. However, in DPDK, this support is not there.
  • DPDK • Raw packets copied directly into application memory 19 VNF Application DPDK VNF Application Dataplane Dataplane skb_buf NIC Packet Buffer NIC Packet Buffer Socket API Ethernet Driver API Ethernet Driver API User Space Kernel Space NIC Driver Socket API 1. Interrupt & DMA 2. System Call (read) 3. System Call (write) 4. DMA 1. DMA Write 2.
  • Command line DPDK configuration controls a number of parameters, including device whitelisting, the number of CPUs available for launching dpdk-eal-controlled threads, the number of I/O buffers, and the process affinity mask. In addition, the DPDK configuration function attempts to support all of the DPDK EAL configuration parameters.
  • After a data packet is received from an entrance network card port by a DPDK receiving-transmitting packet, a DPDK data packet mbuf is copied to a packets buffer with a user-defined format and then the mbuf is returned to the DPDK; when the packets buffer is going to exceed the internal memory space size, the packets buffer is placed into a ...
  • Subject: [dpdk-dev] Issues running Ethtool on KNI interfaces Hi, Hypervisor: KVM VM: Linux OS with 2.6.32 Kernel 8 vCPUs, 8192 MB of memory, CPU Configuration: Copy Host CPU Config (SandyBridge), Manually set CPU topology: Sockets=2, Cores=4, Threads=1 10Gigi Passthrough Interfaces attached to VM: Intel X520 DPDK Version: 1.6R2
  • It performs the following actions: @@ -450,8 +556,8 @@ qemu-wrap.py -cpu host -boot c -hda -m 4096 -smp 4 netdev=net1,mac=00:00:00:00:00:01 ``` -DPDK vhost VM configuration with libvirt: ----- +DPDK vhost-cuse VM configuration with libvirt: +----- If you are using libvirt, you must enable libvirt to access the character device by adding it to ...
  • DPDK generic vhost user library is ready (available in DPDK 17.05) vhost user for SCSI and Crypto devices are ongoing. Benefits from DPDK vhost library • Why Reinvent Wheel? • General APIs to build vhost user application • Leverage fast I/O capacity by DPDK PMD • High Performance • Welcome contributions!

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Microsoft is bringing DPDK to Windows Server (and to Azure) in conjunction with Cisco, helping to move the industry from the current serial digital interface (SDI) to an IP-based networking infrastructure with the open-source Herisson platform.
DPDK-accelerated NGINX Load Balancer. DPDK-NGINX is a fork of official NGINX-1.9.5, which is a free NGINX is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and...

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DPDK Intel NIC Performance Environment Information –I40E. Test setup: The device under test (DUT) consists of a system with an Intel® architecture motherboard populated with the following; A single or dual processor and PCH chip, except for System on Chip (SoC) cases DRAM memory size and frequency (normally single DIMM per channel) Specific Intel Network Interface Cards (NICs) BIOS settings noting those that updated from the basic settings DPDK build configuration settings, and ...
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Configure the SRIOV device plugin. system host-label-assign controller-0 sriovdp=enabled. If planning on running DPDK in containers on this host, configure the number of 1G Huge pages required on both NUMA nodes. system host-memory-modify controller-0 0 -1G 100 system host-memory-modify controller-0 1 -1G 100.
Furtunately, DPDK supports paravirtualized devices including QEMU's virtio-net. So I'm trying to configure a QEMU guest for running the Kernel NIC Interface(KNI) on a virtio-net-pci device.